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Aetiology (Cause) of Fibroids

Bullet Intrinsic abnormalities of myometrium (uterine smooth muscle)
Bullet Increased Estrogen receptors in myometrium

Bullet Act as 'promotors'

The role of family history
Bullet First degree relatives with myoma have 2.5 times increased risk of
developing myomas

The risks contributing to fibroid change
Bullet Increase 21% with each 10kg of body mass
Bullet Incidence falls with exercise/high parity
Bullet No increased risk with women on the PILL
Bullet Increased growth with exposure to Depo Provera
Bullet Some types of HRT (eg Raloxofene) accelerate fibroid shrinkage, but only
in menopausal patients

Fibroids can present with
Bullet Pain (rarely, when degenerating)
Bullet Bleeding (uncommon, unless they are submucosal)
Bullet Bladder symptoms (frequency)
Bullet Fertility (submucosal fibroids only, have been associated with reduced
fertility - intramural and subserosal are NOT implicated

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Submucosal Fibroid (inside the Uterus)


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