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Bullet Approximately 7-10% of women aged 15-45 have important endometriosis
Bullet Infertile women are 6-8 times more likely to have endometriosis
Bullet The average time to present to a Specialist Endometriosis Surgeon is 7-9 years

A summary of proven risk factors for developing endometriosis

Increased risk with:
Bullet Early menarche (onset of first period)
Bullet Shorter menstrual cycle length (eg 25 day cycle)
Bullet Heavier periods
Bullet Trans-fat exposure - red meat, alcohol etc

Endometriosis can present with:
Bullet Pain - cyclical pain with periods, intercourse and upon emptying the bowels
Bullet Fertility - reduction is also proportional to the extent of the disease
Bullet Both - by far the most common

Diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis

Confirmed by surgery (laparoscopy) as this is the 'Gold-Standard'. In almost all patients this is a single day surgery, necessitating the placement of three or four 5-7mm incisions on the abdomen. In most circumstances recovery is 3-4 days (longer in patients with very severe disease). Surgery that is performed expertly improves pain and fertility.

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