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Ovarian Cysts and Tubal Cysts

A cyst is a 'space containing fluid'. Simple cysts have thin walls. Complex cysts contain both fluid and solid spaces, as seen on High Definition Ultrasound scans. NB: Not all scans, like surgery are equal.


Bullet Associated with ovulation (eg corpus luteum=yellow body) which resolve
over weeks


Bullet Polycystic Ovaries - rarely requires surgical drilling or excision

Benign Cysts

Bullet Endometrioma's (associated with endometriosis) require removal to improve fertility and pelvic pain. Often associated with moderate or severe endometriosis, Ultrasound scans are unable to detect subtle changes. They are often associated with modest elevation of CA 125
Bullet Serous or Mucinous Cysts require removal by excision (not drainage) and have an ongoing risk of recurrence (>10%)
Bullet Dermoid Cysts Mature teratoma are uncommon and contain embryological remnants (hair, teeth etc) and require complete careful excision by laparoscopy
Bullet Tubal cysts

Malignant Cysts
If ever confirmed require tertiary treatment by Oncologist.
Bullet Epithelial Ovarian Cancer presents most often after menopause. Where Ultrasound scan features include abnormal projections, blood supply, complex spaces and free fluid in the pelvis, etc. May be associated with HIGH CA125 levels.
Bullet Germ Cell and Stromal Cell Cancer has many sub-types, and useful markers for some of these cancers
Bullet Borderline Ovarian Tumours

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Tubal cyst
Endocatch to remove 10cm Dermoid cyst


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